Comic Book Chaos

Collin Cardot

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As the decade comes to the close, one resounding mark left behind is the explosion in
comic book popularity in many forms of media. What with the success of Marvel’s cinematic
universe, (we won’t talk about the DC counterpart.) live-action shows like “The Flash” on the
CW, and the animated shows and movies for more hardcore fans, comic book heroes have never
been so main stream. Franchises such as these have given actors like Robert Downey Jr. A-list
status and also showcase the magnificent talents of actors like Joaquin Phoenix. This success is
also beneficial for exposure to great storylines. Currently the CW is running a network wide
event with the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline. One of the best storylines of all time, “Crisis
on Infinite Earths” has superheroes from all over the multiverse working to stop the Anti-
Monitor, who seeks to destroy all positive life. Comic books are an immersive world to dive into;
the creativity and world building are amazing expressions of extensive creation. The major
media coverage of all these stories are great ways to showcase these stories in an even more
realistic way, while paying homage and pointing toward the original art.