Top 10 Popular Hip-Hop Dance Crazes of the Decade

Top 10 Popular Hip-Hop Dance Crazes of the Decade

Kass Jones

10. “Shoot” (2017)

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Originating in Memphis, TN, made famous by rapper BlocBoy JB, the dance appears
simple but is often executed poorly. Popularity of the dance boosted when it was entered into
Fortnite: Battle Royale in 2018. The dance has lost a lot of the hype, however, it is still a favorite
in the Memphis community.


9. “Shmoney Dance” (2014)

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Busting on the scene with “Hot Ni**a”, 20-year old Bobby Shmurda broke the internet while dancing during the music video for the track. Shmurda hits one of the most memorable dances in any video on the last verse of the song. The dance gained the name the “Shmoney Dance” and has been imitated throughout the decade.


8. “Woah” (2017)

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Slowly gaining more and more attention as we speak, “the Woah”, began being noticed early 2018 with tracks like 10k.Caash’s “Aloha” and TisaKorean’s “Dip (#thewoah)”. These tracks are very simplistic often only including a kick, a snare or clap, a hi-hat, and most importantly, a heavy 808, or electronic bass. “The Woah” is one of the most recent dances of the decade but its popularity from apps like Trillerand TikTokhave shown it is here to stay.


7. “Floss” (2016)

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“The Floss” is unarguably one of the most known dances of the middle of the decade. Just about anyone ages 9-21 either knows of “the Floss” or how to “Floss”. And it is very easy to do! There is no real song with this dance; it sparked on YouTube with BackPack Kid who made a video of him doing it. The dance then made its way into Fortnite: Battle Royalewhich strongly boosted the popularity. The hype around “the Floss” has definitely taken a hit since then but it is not gone for good.


6. “Dab” (2014)

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“The Dab”, although, not much of a dance, became popular when the track “Look at My Dab” by rap group, Migos. The popularity of this one swift motion of the forearm shielding you face is kind of impressive. What is now considered outdated and pretty much only done ironically, once dominated the mid 2010s.


5. “Whip” (2014)

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Much like “the Dab” this is one of the most popular dances at the time yet outdated dances today. Made infamous by artist, Silento, with his track “Watch Me”, One of the most watched videos on YouTube ever. Almost exclusively done ironically today, the whip lost its mojo rather fast due to just how awkward it is. There is nothing inherently cool, or visualy appealing about “hitting the Whip”.


4. “Milly Rock” (2014)

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“The Milly Rock” is one of the most easily recognizable and easy-to-do dances on the list. The track “Milly Rock” by 2 Milly is the official origin, however, most would agree Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia” brought the dance to true stardom. “The Milly Rock” is going strong today with a rather large following and beloved fans.


3. “Hit Dem Folks” (2015)

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“The Hit Dem Folks” origin is a little more complicated than a famous song or a viral YouTube video. People really began to take notice when Odell Beckham Jr. would “hit dem folks” after an impressive play during his run with the New York Giants in 2015. What is so impressive about the “Folks” is its impact on later dancing in the decade. The way it is improvised as you are dancing really paved the way for dances like “the Woah”. The “Hit Dem Folks” is still to this day a very respected and beloved dance.


2. “Twerk” (2011)

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Arguably the dance that has had the longest/most impressive run this decade, twerking

has continuously survived and thrived from beginning to end. Predominately done by females, twerking took the world by storm in 2011 and has no sign of stopping into the next decade.


1. “Nae Nae” (2013)

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The most iconic dance of the decade all together. “The Nae Nae” is a favorite to all since its debut in 2013. Gaining a surplus of fame after the release of previously mentioned Silento’s “Watch Me”, everyone, everywhere knew the “the Whip” and “Nae Nae”. “The Nae Nae” always had the cool-factor that “the Whip” just couldn’t fathom. To this day, it is still being hit to get hype but unlike most dances on this list, today, it is often hit to celebrate an achievement. “The Nae Nae” has had one of the most impressive runs through the decade, and with the state of hip-hop and memes, there is no way it will stop into the next.