The Top 10 Victorious Songs

The Top 10 Victorious Songs

Skylar Sicilia

I’m not sure how productive everyone else’s thanksgiving weekend was weeks ago, but
to celebrate turkey day this year I decided to stay in bed and binge watch one of the underrated
shows from my childhood, Victorious. Looking back the musical talent of the cast and writing
staff was quite astonishing with the ability to consistently write, record, and perform songs
week after week all while filming a tv show. I was surprised to look back and realize that they
were all actually pretty good, so here’s my top 10.


10. Make It Shine
This list wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for the song that got Tori Vega into Hollywood Arts
and as luck would have it, the popular theme song for the show.

9. I Want You Back
Remember when the Victorious gang got sent to prison in a fictional communist country and
covered this Jackson 5 hit in their scheme to break out? Yeah, me neither.

8. 365 Days
We were all freaking the freak out when Andre confessed to Tori that he had a crush on Jade,
but it was writing this song that helped him get over it.

7. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
Ah the jokes that flew over our head when we were so young and dumb. Little did I know that a
whole episode flew over my head when Victorious did a parody of The Breakfast Club including
a cover of the classic song now synonymous with the movie.

6. Give it Up
This duet gave us chills when Jade and Cat performed it at Karaoke Dokie to best those
Northridge girls, and although they lost because of a bogus voting system, we all know the HA
girls won in our hearts.

5. 5 Fingaz to the Face
Nothing needs to be said about this one… just listen.

4. Best Friend’s Brother
This one might have been a little questionable for a children’s tv show, but in retrospect the
Stacy’s Mom inspired tune has got us all thinking about our best friend’s 6’3” punk rock
drummer brother.

3. You Don’t Know Me
I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me this was an early Kelly Clarkson break up anthem, but it’s
not, it’s the incomparable Jade West rocking out about how she’s not one to mess with in a
relationship in the song that reunited one of youth tv’s greatest couples.

2. Song 2 You
Andre definitely won over some hearts with this beautiful love song he wrote for the full moon
harvest. We’re glad he was able to find the words.

1 Beggin’ On Your Knees
Yeah. Don’t mess with Tori Vega, or she might just write a song that embarrasses you in front of
all of Hollywood Arts.