Boyfriend Carves Name on Girlfriend’s Forehead


Neally Lacina

Early Thursday morning on December 5, 2019, a Texas teenager carved his name on his
girlfriend’s (Catalina Mireles) forehead shortly after he discovered she was texting other men.
They had only three weeks earlier on Facebook. It was an hours-long assault that consisted of
him punching, slapping, choking and tying Mireles’ hands and ankles together with an extension
cord. It began early in the morning on Thursday and continued into late Thursday afternoon.
Mireles did not believe that she would survive the attack. Towards the end, her boyfriend held
her down and used a knife to carve his name “JACK” into her forehead. She had a towel
covering her forehead when police arrived at the scene, and her boyfriend had left the apartment
before officers could catch him. He was caught two days later and taken into custody. He was
charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and jailed late Sunday on a $75,000 bond.
Mireles ended up with her jaw being broken in three places, a black eye, and her face was
covered in many large and dark bruises. Jack Hildreth is scheduled to be in court sometime next