Ranking Don Cherry’s Best Suits


Skylar Sicilia

After 39 years of toing the line of what can and can’t be said on national television
during broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry finally pushed the envelope to its
breaking point during last weekend’s Coach’s Corner segment when he went off on a rant
regarding immigrants on Remembrance Day. His comments pushed Sportsnet into a corner that
they’ve been in far too many times before, but this time there would be no escaping for the
In remembrance of Don Cherry’s great tenure with the esteemed Hockey Night in
Canada, I would like to take a look back and rank some of his famous suits.


5. Blue Checkers
Personally, when I think of Don Cherry I always imagine him in the classic blue
checkered suit pictured below. It’s a simple idea, but an exotic look, and not many people
besides Cherry could pull it off quite like this.








4. St. Patrick
Well, there’s not much I could say about this one. It’s festive, it’s out there, it’s great.
Who wouldn’t crack a smile if they turned on HNIC and saw the Don dressed like everyone’s
favorite mythical creature?











3. Oh, Canada

If you know Don Cherry’s personality at all, you know he’s opinionated when it comes to
hockey, politics, and hockey politics, but just because he doesn’t agree with some of the things
going on in his country doesn’t mean he can’t rep the Great White North, does it?









2. The Dragon
I mean c’mon… tell me Don Cherry doesn’t look like a straight up baller in this suit… you
just can’t.









1 ummmmm?
I’m not exactly sure what happened before Cherry aired that night, but let’s just hope
that suit didn’t use to be white.