Our 2019 Christmas Gift lists

Our 2019 Christmas Gift lists

Under $10

 “Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves Game tickets, 1/7/20” (Jacob) shop here!

“a 25 pack of “What Would Jesus Do?” rubber bracelets to ward off Satan” (Skylar) shop here

“2 boxes of mega stuffed oreos for $5.66 and a milk carton (can be from the cafeteria
at school) for perfect dipping and eating.” (Meredith) shop here!

“Christmas is a cold time, for a cheap but functional gift, I’m going with the fuzzy socks.
I’m always in a rush to find socks, and my feet are still cold! Those problems are solved with
fuzzy socks.” (Collin) shop here!

“You know what there is not a lot of around the holiday season? Potassium and yellow
fruit! Luckily for the person of your choice, you can often get up to around ten or eleven of these
beauties for under ten dollars.” (Kass) shop here!

“For just under $10, you can buy a picture frame, and print out a picture of yourself and
frame it and give it to your loved ones” (Addison) shop here!

“Fuzzy socks- Everyone loves a pair of fuzzy socks no matter where they are from. You can buy
a two pack for only $7 at target.” (Neally) shop here!

“For one dollar, give your loved one a chance for five thousand dollars!!” (Eli) Shop here!

Under $100

“Bluetooth Water Bottle Speaker- Swell water bottles have been taking off and so have the JBL
speakers. This Bluetooth Water Bottle Speaker is a combination of both of these things which
makes for a perfect Christmas present. If you are an online shopper, you can get this item for
only $35.00 on The Grommet.” (Neally)

“a Cameo from Chumlee telling me to follow my dream of becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.” (Skylar) shop here!

“Next up we have the Spiderman complete trilogy. This is one of the truest examples of
nostalgia. While the acting is not the greatest, the atmosphere in these movies, to me at least, is
unmatched.” (Collin) shop here

“Adopt a dog! Give your friends, significant other, or anyone in your life a lifelong
companion for under $100. Linked is a frisky dog named Fitzpatrick, a 6 year old shih tzu who is
heartworm positive and not neutered, looking for a loving forever-home!” (Meredith) shop here

“For just under $10, you can buy a picture box, and fill it with pictures of yourself to give
to your loved ones.” (Addison) shop here!

“Nike Roshe One Shoes” (Jacob) shop here!

Under $1000

“For $590, you can buy Loewe x Paula Ibiza beach ping-pong paddles, designer
and campy! Perfect for ping-ponging on the go.” (Meredith) shop here

“This next one is kinda simple. Hat looks pretty normal and dumb…buuuuuutttt it is name
brand and that is all that matters.” (Collin) shop here

“For just under $1000, you can have a personal, life size wax figurine made of yourself to
give to your loved ones.” (Addison) shop here!

“For all the music lovers out there, this waterproof speaker is a perfect addition to your morning
shower!” (Eli)

“Perfect for your whole family, Ruth’s Chris Steak House has delicious food for you and
the whole family. Even though, you may not spend $1000, you’ll still be a little dry on money
after your visit, so spend wisely!” (Kass) shop here!

“Polaroid Originals Everything Box- Polaroids have become popular again over the past few
years, and with this kit you will receive everything you need to use a polaroid and more. It
comes with a two pack of holiday-themed instant film that features festive frames and bold color
saturation for only $119.99 on Amazon.” (Neally)

“iPhone 11 and Air Pods Pro” (Jacob) shop here!


“A Chuck E. Cheese franchise because I want to wear the costume.” (Skylar) shop here!

“Give the true gift that keeps on giving by paying for their college tuition and student
loans! No reason or explanation needed.” (Meredith)

“This one is the biggest flex of all time. With unlimited money I (drumroll please) would
buy every piece of property on the Earth. I would immediately sell it back to the original owner
for the same price because 1. I do not know how to be the landlord of nearly 8 billion people, and
2. There are way too many politics wrapped up in that I know nothing about.” (Collin)

“For unlimited fun, you can simply clone yourself as many times as you would
like and give it to your loved ones. This technology is still in the creation stages, but with an
unlimited budget, anything is possible.” (Addison) shop here!

“CyberTruck. Tesla’s newest vehicle, the CyberTruck, is available for preorder right now
on the Tesla website right now. However, you won’t it get it until 2022, but that’s not a big deal.” (Kass) shop here!

“Now, if you are looking to get someone the best of the best present, then you don’t need to have
a limit on what you want to spend to get them. I suggest getting them a 2020 Range Rover, the
ultimate range rover which is at $90,900. You can go online to see if it is the one you want or to
the car dealership to buy it in person. Of course they will have to wait a few months after
Christmas to get it since it comes out in 2020, but I can guarantee you that whoever you get this
for, will love it!” (Neally)

“Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition Supercar (Matte Black)” (Jacob) shop here!

“Keep your wrist icy with this million-dollar Patek!” (Eli)