A Fall or Child Abuse?


Neally Lacina

One day in July of 2019, little did they know, a 5-month-old boy, Mason, and 2-year-old
girl would have their lives changed forever. The little girl had been playing in the sprinkler and
asked her mom to help her take off her wet clothes. Of course, the mom said she would and she
set her 5-month-old down in a camping chair. This was her huge mistake. Seconds after setting
her son down, she heard wailing, soon to figure out that he had fallen and hit his head on the
concrete. She quickly dialed 911 and they rushed her son to the hospital. While the doctors
were examining the family’s child, they discovered another fracture that was much bigger than
the one created today. They asked the mom what else had happened and she told them that was
the only time their son had hit his head. They were definitely concerned and briefly contacted
Child Protective Services but they brushed it off and the family went home happy and healthy.
Around 2 months later on September 19 of 2018, a caseworker from the CPR showed up at their
house unexpectedly. Their children were being taken away from them because they had an
emergency court order stating that they were unfit to take care of their children. They had been
under suspicion ever since they stepped foot in the hospital and received an X-Ray for their son.
Mason had retinal bleeding in both of his eyes and multiple fractures that cause bleeding inside

the brain and this type of damage appeared to be consistent with abuse. A lot of court cases were
held to see whether or not the family should gain back custody of their children. Eventually their
children were able to come back home to them because they had been hurt. Not by them, but by
the foster care families.