Audience Agrees: Frank > Drake


Kass Jones

Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival is eight years strong as of
this week. Tyler invites artists to perform over two days while he and a crowd of at least a
million people between the live crowd and the audience streaming the performance. In past
years, it has been great publicity for artists, lots of artists get recognition from their sets and
everyone gets along swimmingly. However, last weekend, one specific performer didn’t have the
best experience. Aubrey Drake Graham, or Drake, was the surprise mystery guest that was kept
secret until it was time for their set. Most everyone in the audience believed the secret artist was
Frank Ocean due to his long-lasting friendship with Tyler and the singles he has put out recently.
And to say the least, the audience was not happy. Drake, one of Earth’s most popular human
beings, was booed off stage during his set. This just does not seem like the reality of this
situation, and yet it is. It is understandable to be upset that it was not Frank Ocean, but to boo
Drake off of his own performance? Drake is one of the most well-known and loved artists to
date; all audience members would at least know one song if not all. It seems childish and
pointless to argue something that is done and over but how do you boo off Drake? Tyler was not
very happy about the crowd’s actions and went on a bit of a twitter rant Monday afternoon.