MIT’s Indestructible Robots

Neally Lacina

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In our current society, there has been a massive development of different types of robots.
There are many different creators of the robots, and they all have different purposes for why they
were created. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently posted a video of their
new Mini Cheetah robot that they have created and it is able to do many things. Their robots can
dribble a soccer ball, run, and jump. Why would they create a robot to do this when humans can
do it just fine? Well, MIT’s plan is to expand the robot’s abilities so that they will be able to
participate in robotic dog races through obstacle courses. Their idea is to have different teams
that use different algorithms to figure out which strategy is more effective. MIT is hoping to be
able to make the robots so that if they happen to break, which they shouldn’t because they are
claimed to be indestructible, a limb or motor could be replaced with a new one. They only weigh
around 20 pounds so they can be easily transported and they are said to be pretty inexpensive.
So, would you enjoy racing robot cheetahs and creating different algorithms or would you rather
sit back and watch them race. Many are ready to race and they will be out soon.