Vitamin E Acetate to Blame for Vape-Related Deaths

Skylar Sicilia

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Many long-time smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes make the claim that
they’re choosing the healthier alternative to tobacco because it’s “cleaner,” and although it is
true that vaping is healthier, safer, and cleaner than using traditional tobacco products, that
doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe.
In fact, there have been 39 confirmed deaths tracing back to e-cigarette use in the
United States alone, which may not seem like a lot in comparison to the body count of tobacco,
but it’s still 39 too many.
This number does not even account for the 1,000+ cases of vaping related injuries as
reported by the CDC in October of this year.
Well after years of research on the safety of e-cigarettes and the issue of underage use
being declared as an epidemic, researchers believe that they’ve finally found the common link
between these vape related injury and, more importantly, death cases; and vape gods thy
name is vitamin e acetate.
Of course, it’s not just nicotine that people across the nation are inhaling out of their
Juuls, Sourins, and Njoys; many people abuse these popular pod-based vaping devices by
putting specific oils in them that resemble vape juice but actually contain THC, the chemical
compound in marijuana that gets you high. Also found in these oils however, is vitamin e
acetate which acts as a cutting agent, but when inhaled as a vapor sits in the lungs and leaves
behind a sticky, harmful oil of its own, thus making people sick and in some cases die.
However, the studies that made this discovery about the dangers of vaping were not
completely condemning since there was still a minority in the case study group that had never
been exposed to vitamin e acetate and therefore further research is to be conducted to find out
what else is causing these mysterious cases.
But for now, don’t be stupid, you’re too cool for Juul.