ISIS Leader Dead

Eli Bernstein

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On October 26, Islamic State and ISIS terrorist group leader, Abu Bakr al- Baghdad wore
a suicide vest and brought two young boys with him as he was raided by the United States
military. He activated the vest and killed himself and the two young boys, both were under the
age of twelve. The United States military received information about his possible location a
month before the raid occurred, and Intelligence officials were able to pinpoint him down. He
was staying 300 miles out of Barisha, a village in North West Syria.
The Washington Post released an article that they almost immediately rescinded. The
issue was the headline which characterized the Terrorist leader as an “austere, religious
scholar.” This headline caused issues because it was sugar coating the leader, it made it seem
like he was a smart, peaceful, religious man. When in reality, he was a brutal murderer and
terrorist leader. In his last moments, he chose to kill two boys under the age of 12 as he killed
himself. ISIS is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world. They murder mass
groups of people, they behead people and post it on social media. Abu Bakr al- Baghdad was an evil man and in no way should be revered as an
“austere, religious scholar.
His entire purpose was to cause evil and spread false information about the Western
world to his country. He wanted to brainwash citizens that he cared about them, and that he
wants to help the country succeed. There have been 53 suicide attacks and terrorist bombings
in Syria the past seven years. This man spread fear and death everywhere he went. The United
States needs to keep an eye on who the group elects as leaders, and what the group’s next
statement is.