California Fires

Neally Lacina

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There is a huge outbreak of fires in Southern California that are continually growing larger and
larger. So many fires have consumed California, that there are many names for each of the
fires such as the Getty fire, the Oak fire, and the Tick fire located in places such as West Los
Angeles, U.S 101, and the Santa Clarita Valley. The residents of all these places and many more
have had to gather some of their belongings and evacuate. The news has been trying to make
citizens aware of the harm of power outages and breathing in smoke. Businesses are also
shutting down due to the fires growing. There are 13 fires that have been named in all with the
number of acres burning and how long they have been burning. Most causes of these fires are
natural or from lightening. There are also extreme winds which lead to power lines being
knocked down and There are a few places that have fires but the leaders of the incident have
told residents not to report the smoke around them. They have stated that the south, east, and
north flanks are not being threatened by the fires, but that they will remain watching over
these areas. The firefighters are trying their absolute hardest to protect the area and the

citizens. Updates from these events are currently still rolling in all over the internet, and they
will continue to until the fires have stopped.