Eli Movie Review

Eli Movie Review

Neally Lacina

The film Eli, starring Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly, and Max Martini came out in 2019 as a
Netflix Original. It was written by Ian B. Goldberg, Richard Naing, David Chirchirillo, and it
was directed by Ciaran Foy. This film also includes amazing performances from Lili Taylor and
Sadie Sink, who help twist this movie and create a better story line with a huge climax.

At the beginning of the film, you find out that Charlie Shotwell, who plays Eli, has an illness that
causes him to be unable to walk outside without dying. He has been to many doctors before but
none of them are able to help him so his parents, played by Kelly Reilly and Max Martini take
him to a new treatment facility where he is able to walk around without a hazmat suit because the
air is clean. At this treatment facility, Dr. Isabella, who is played by Lili Taylor, begins
performing surgeries on Eli, and progressively throughout the movie, he notices something is not
right. He keeps searching for answers as his pain and findings worsen. Towards the end of the
movie he and his mother find out that the doctor’s intentions were to kill him and that is because
he was born from his mother and the devil. So basically, he is the devil’s son. Haley, who is

played by Sadie Sink, was introduced earlier in the film, ends up being his sister from the devil
and that is where the movie leaves off.

What stands out in my mind when I think about this particular film would be the fact that the plot
is a lot different from other horror movies that I have watched in the past. They are usually
predictable and they all kind of have the same story line. This one was different because you
didn’t know if the treatment facility was haunted or if the doctor was evil. You never really
knew what was happening and you were kept on your toes the whole movie.

This film definitely utilizes their editing skills because there are so many scenes that ghosts take
place in, and when it is discovered that Eli is the devil’s son, more special effects take place. The
genre and narrative really affected my experience because I was in the mood to be scared
because Halloween is coming up, and the plot and narrative had me anticipating what was going
to happen next and a jump-scare every few minutes. Even the people that were asleep around me
woke up because they heard me let out a little gasp or two every once in a while. The
environment that the movie is placed in, which would be a treatment facility, really helps you
understand the certain situations that this family is put in.

I absolutely recommend this film to anyone looking for a good scare or a “keep you on your
toes” movie. There were some points during this movie where I had to look away from the
screen I was so nervous about what was going to happen next. The actors were great, the setting
was perfect, and the scares were thrilling. This has been one of the movies that Netflix has

released after unveiling their plan to release a new horror movie every week during the month of
October so I will definitely be interested in finding out more about the others.