Charli XCX Concert Review

Meredith Harless

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After having the great pleasure of attending one of her OUTSTANDING concerts, Charli
XCX has inspired me to write a review on this experience. With influences from icons such as
Brittney Spears, the Spice Girls, and Soulja Boy, Charli truly writes music for the People! Her
pop-y sound mixed with heavy bass is perfect music for dancing at a concert. Here are my
opinions on the concert experience:
Stage presence: 10/10 – Every time she started a new song she came out like a ball of fire
with so much energy to make you forget how sweaty and out-of-breath you are!
Setlist/Song Choices: 9/10 – The only song she didn’t play was her timeless bop, “Boom
Outfits: 10/10 – So cool. Her unique fashion paired perfectly with the lasers she uses
during the concert

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