Is the World Ending?

Neally Lacina

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The world has definitely had a wake-up call for the past few months. People of the world
have been posting, sharing, and sending videos for the past few weeks, months, and they are only
growing. What are these videos of you may ask? They are videos portraying the life of animals
and plants and our environment deteriorating as we speak. Rainforests are on fire. Wild life is
dying. What are we doing about it? Nothing. That is why Gretta Thunberg, a 16 year-old
environmental activist, has been trying to capture the attention to be proactive instead of sitting
around and waiting for the damage to be done. A lot of politicians believe that she is taking a jab
at their careers, and what they are doing for the world. Thunberg has yet to be able to get inside
the minds of the politicians and persuade them to be on her side. Do the politicians have a
reason to not help with this urgent issue that our whole world is struggling with? The answer is
maybe, considering we have had many scares like this throughout history.
Apparently, it is super easy to trick not just our generation into believing that we are
going to die and earth will cease to exist if we don’t help fix it, but a lot of generations before us.
In 1970, there were many wrong predictions made about earth ending. A Harvard biologist
estimated that civilization would end within 15 to 30 years. The resolution to this would

obviously be taking immediate action against it. Many other big newspapers, websites, and such
as the New York Times and The Living Wilderness wrote about the oncoming dangers that we
pose to our environment. There are 18 huge predictions that were made during this time that
were completely wrong, and that’s not counting the smaller ones too. So what? Is our world
really going to end this time, or will it be like all the other times that we so wrongly predicted.
We will just have to find out.

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