“Don’t Call Me Angel”

Diyora Temirova

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Pop headliners Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey teamed up with a new song to title the
upcoming adaptation of Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack called “Don’t Call Me Angel.”
The unlikely matching of the three respectively unique artists and its effect are visible in the resulting piece.
Each artist has their own verse, the style of which in melody and backing are personalized to the artists
themselves. The intervals and speed of Cyrus’ opening verse highlights her strength in tone and often more
aggressive approach to her art. Grande’s verse initially strip the majority of pitch from the backing, leaving only
the percussion to back her as she more subtly approaches the story-like lyrics that also suit her mixed range.
Ray’s verse cuts the meter into half time and fits her more melancholic, seductively gentle tone with little
variation in melody.

The lyrics throughout the piece also match the individual artists’ styles in songwriting. Cyrus’ lyrics are, as
usual, direct and confrontational and rapid. Grande’s opens with a casually conversational tone that brings a
strange awareness to the listener, as though being directly addressed and accused but subtly, as mentioned
before. Rey’s highlights the singer’s own nonchalant manner in addressing the audience with quiet confidence.
Grande’s chorus in between the verses successfully encapsulates the general message and tone of the piece.
In comparison to past Charlie’s Angels’ title tracks, this record is empowering in the sense that it sheds light on
women’s collective strengths and abilities and impurities. The piece is fitting in an era of rising female
empowerment and holds true to the ideals of the Charlie’s Angels values while representing the strength in a
way that resonates with a modern generation.
Taking into consideration the message of the piece and the talent represented on the record, I rate the song 8/10.

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