Garlic the Copy Cat!

Meredith Harless

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A man in China named Huang Yu is the first man to initiate the cloning of his late kitten,
Garlic. Devastated at the loss of his irreplaceable cat, he decided the only thing he can do to
bring back his joy was to clone the kitten. Through the services of biotechnology of an industry
located in Beijing, he paid close to $40,000 for scientists to replicate his cat. Scientist collected
different types of cells from the cat, and eggs from other cats, and generated 40 clone embryos.
These eggs went into four “surrogate” cats, two of which did not make it.
After 66 days, the Garlic clone was born from its surrogate mother, not entirely the same.
With the same DNA as the original, the new Garlic shows slight differences in color of eyes and
fur. The next step for the scientists involved in this process is to clone a horse, and eventually m
ove on to endangered animals.

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