Defending Andrew Luck

Defending Andrew Luck

Skylar Sicilia

Due to the lingering effects of a long string of injuries occurring over the course of his career, Andrew Luck officially announced his retirement last Thursday. But before the Colts’ quarterback could make the announcement himself, a tweet from NFL insider Adam Schefter was leaked during Indiana’s preseason game against the Chicago Bears, and the shock spawned an outbreak of anger in some Colts fans and inspired a sea of boos to follow Luck down the players tunnel.

Needless to say, this was not how Luck imagined the end of his career going. During the post-game press conference in which Luck later announced his retirement, he was asked about the boos that came from his home crowd, he responded “I’ll be honest, it hurt,” strong words from a man who, for majority of his playing career, has been trapped in an endless cycle of injury and recovery.

As football fans, we should all be disgusted with the treatment that Luck has received from his own fanbase. This is a player who, despite going 585 days without playing, was able to carry his team to a 2019 playoff spot on his injured shoulder during the best year of his short-lived career. And as a big contributor to the Indianapolis community, Luck was always there for his fans, both on and off the field.

It’s truly unfortunate that Luck is forced to end his career so early, especially after last season where it seemed he was reaching his peak performance level, but with what appears to be problems with his ankle and most likely some side effects from injuries of past, his retirement is incredibly justifiable and probably what is best for him. Luck claims that the ruthless cycle of injury that he’s phased in and out of over the course of the last few years has caused him to lose the love he once had for the game.

What’s more unfortunate is the lack of understanding from fans who are too devastated by the loss to take two steps back and empathize. Luckily (no pun intended), the more empathetic fans seem to outweigh those burning their number 12 jerseys in barrels of lighter fluid because many of football fans have taken to Twitter with thank you messages putting #ThankYouLuck on the trending page.

We hope the mass of good-hearted fans overshadows the nasty reactions soon and we wish the best of Luck to Andrew in his future endeavors.