Michigan’s Latest Vape Ban

Kass Jones

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As of Yesterday, Michigan is the first state in the U.S to have a full ban on all e-cigarette devices and flavors (excluding tobacco flavor). Banned on both the retail and online market, the ban intends to end the spread of vaping and control the problem now. The ban will last for the next six months while state legislatures decide on a more permanent solution to the situation. The state’s solution may attempt to be blocked by congress, however, in the event of congress trying this, a veto will be put in place. If they see fit, legislatures will renew the six-month ban for another six months.


This decision by Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is in action to reduce the long-term effects of vaping for teens and adults alike. Sweet and fruity flavors appeal to teens are a big contributor towards swaying teens to start vaping. Mint and Menthol flavors have also been included in the state ban. Governor Whitmer sides with ex-smokers that claim this ban will still allow people to use vaping as a way to quit cigarette addictions. However, vaping advocates have different ideas; they warn officials this ban will produce a large boom in the ‘black market’. This makes sense. Sadly, plenty of young adults are just as addicted to nicotine as adults.


Cigarettes in their current state have been around for almost 150 years with people having smoked for the majority of their life and no immediate consequences. The vaping industry has only recently grown at intense lengths in the last five to ten years and already there are horror stories circulating. Whether it is lungs collapsing or permanent taste bud damage; vaping is hurting kids. Whitmer put this plan in for the safety of the youth. She understands the dangers of vaping that lots of kids either do not realize, want to believe, or care about.