Walmart Changes Gun Policies in Light of the Recent Mass Shootings

Walmart Changes Gun Policies in Light of the Recent Mass Shootings

Diyora Temirova, Writer

Upon listening to the families of the victims of the El Paso shooting, and prompted by the other massacres that have taken place in the US over the last few months, Walmart announced that it was changing its gun policies to better ensure the safety of customers.

The changes spanned across the principles of the carrying of weapons to the discontinued sale of certain types of weapons and ammunition. One of the changes involved the illegalization of carrying firearms openly inside the stores, regardless of whether doing so is legal in the respective states. In addition, Walmart announced that it was pulling handguns off of shelves in Alaska, the only remaining state to have sold those in stores until the policy change. The franchise also decided to pull the majority of their ammunition from their inventory, particularly the types that are also compatible with other assault-style weapons (.223 and 5.56 caliber). They will not be removing their hunting products, both rifles and ammunition, from shelves.


The changes will affect more than their customer base—Walmart’s sales account for around 2% of weapons sales and a staggering 20% of ammunition sales nation-wide. The market for ammunition sales is expected to drop to 6% after Walmart instills its changes.


Further than that, the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, urged Congress in light of the mass shootings to take action immediately, pushing that they see to it as soon as possible that universal background checks among other preventative measures are enforced.