Senior Wills (Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name)

Senior Wills (Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name)

The Pony Express

I, Madeeha Aziz, being of relatively stable mind and chai-filled body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Shayda Niksefat, I leave endless spilled tea and an impeccable fashion sense. To Nikki Aryan, I leave my adidas superstars. To Swesh Dhungel, I leave the beautiful stress of Spanishland. To Sean Aryan and Collin Cardot, I leave my HNN news intro. To my child, Malena Long, I leave tight hugs and our sweet horizons babies, take care of them. And lastly, to Emaan Aziz, I leave the Project St. Jude Club, please don’t ruin that. I also leave you all of my notes ever, use them wisely. I leave you guys all my love and wish you luck for the years ahead, you’re going to need it.


I, Lauren Beickert, being of absent mind and small body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

I leave the bugs in Coach Becker’s brown couch to the remaining staff of the Houston High Pony Express. And to the flute section, I leave the ghost of Keren.


I, Brady Bush, being of exasperated mind and overworked hereby leave these things to the following people:

I leave the big comfy chair in the Newspaper room room Addie Mae Nixon, the rising starlet of the newspaper. I leave my lifetime supply of Jib Peanut Butter Spread to Paula Meier, who believes peanut butter is “an acquired taste like a fine wine.” Lastly, I leave my car to my sister, who can finally drive herself places, but only because my dad is making me. Thank U, Next.


I, Mackenzie Clarke, being of stressed mind and dehydrated body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To the Houston High Varsity Bowling Team, I leave my love for Mrs. Donna and my low bowling scores. 2019 is the year we go to state. To the guy that always tries to cut everyone off in the car line, I leave you my patience please use it.


I, Emma Coons, being of excited mind and Zumba-ed body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

First, I wanna say thanks to Houston for giving me a great place to be for the past 4 years, and after that I wanna say how excited I am to graduate and leave. I’m ready to move on but I’ve got a few things to leave behind. Addison, Collin, Julia, Mauren, and/or Eli: honestly I have no clue how many of y’all are staying in newspaper, but whoever wants the task, I leave being the Pony Express editor. Also, make sure to ALL put that you were the Pony Express editor on your college applications;) To Coach Becker and Quinn, I leave my post-Grizz win Gibson’s Donuts. I guess y’all are just gonna have to go watch them dominate next year and get some for yourselves. To Roshan, I leave all the advice on what to do to get that middle drum major spot. You deserve it. Push for it. To the flute section, I leave this advice: don’t take it too dang seriously, and also, behave yourselves in restaurants. And TIP!!! Lastly, I wanna leave my parking spot to whoever has the will power to paint over my film strip and name. It took my parents and I 3 days. It’s pretty difficult.

On to the next adventure! Roll tide!


I, Julie Earnest, being of not so sound mind and deteriorating body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To the Art Department, I leave my loving grandparents, Amanda Schulter and Bobby Spillman. Be sure they take their meds. To Mr. Quinn, I leave my expert level ketosis and peak health. To Charlie Couvillion, I leave the mononucleosis virus. Spread it carefully this time please. And finally to my brother, Jackson, I hopefully leave a positive impression on the Houston teachers. Sorry I’m leaving you alone with Mom and Dad, but I promise we can FaceTime. Love you little bro.


I, Jessica Echaurren, being of retrospective mind and exhausted body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Maddie Hawkins, all my best hugs – you’re the strongest person I know.

To Sara Moubasher, my deepest respect – I hold you in the highest regard.

To Ceren Bicken, my PUBG rank – bear it honorably.

To Sequoia Hollie, my camo pants – they might be a bit short on you

To Jada Day, all my high fives and fist bumps – pass them on to our friends.

To Slim Terrell, my most enthusiastic hee hees – keep bringing joy to everyone around you.


I, Caroline Grisanti, being of Post Malone filled mind and coffee body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

katie rhea and eva kerr: kate night taco bell & walmart trips

bailey hamilton jordyn causey and emma davis: the strength to get through next three years of high school and cheer 😉

abbie lamberth & audrey hill:  lots of laughs throughout senior year & always a place to stay in ox 😉

ryan stockton: monday visits to chick-fil-a


I, Blakely Harrison, being of (not so) sound mind and iced coffee and lacrosse goalie body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

My RAV4 to Sarah Vance Harrison (I swear tho if you crash it, I will kill you), the crease at The Farm for Kinsey Carol and Elizabeth Craft to protect, my last two brain cells to Paula Meier so she can push through the second two years of high school, and finally, I give the loveseat in the newspaper room to two people looking to meet a new best buddie 🙂


I, Marissa Hyman, being of cluttered mind and exhausted body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To The Houston Guard: I’m not leaving you quite yet (I love y’all too much for that and I’m happy to be your instructor), but I’m leaving you Brittany Roberts. Love her bc she does so much more than you know. Be kind to her and text her a lot. It helps keep her sane and honestly it helped me a lot too. Hopefully y’all will have a drama-free (DONT get in the first fist-fight) and awesome 2019-2020. To McKenzie Cotten, LJ Foyle, and Cristina Leschhorn: I leave you all of the goofy times we spent together. Never thought I would be able to say that I’ve kidnapped/blindfolded a small, Asian freshman (for her bday) to go to BR or that I’ve been kidnapped by a parent and we were taken to Autobahn. I will also be leaving you the Snapchat countdown to graduation. Cherish these moments; they don’t last forever. MC I’m leaving you with good boys bc we all know we’re sick of the old ones that won’t go to prom smh. IMPORTANT-I’m also leaving you with victory fries. To Nyah Mullings: I leave you our last state competition together. 5 years in Guard with you and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else. To Katie Vandervort: I’m leaving you crinkly pop tart wrappers. To Jenna Teachey: you might be going to college too, but I’m leaving you with a million memories (and many more) to take with you to Europe. You will always be the most important to me. To Scottie 2 Hottie: you’re the best dad in the world and you’ve done so much for me!! Hope you find a hobby. Roll tide roll!


I, Allison House, being of sharp mind and average body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To my Film 2 class, I leave procrastination skills, the Dollar Tree SWAT vest, Marvin the Mustang’s head, and trying out our announcer voices on the fancy mic. To Grant Carascow I leave finding costumes in the Freebox and all the cheesy on-camera dance moves. To Victoria Marshall, Dylan Thompson, Elizabeth Craft, Emily Whelan, Katherine Hoover, and the rest of my German Club people, I leave you Deutschklub, the Board, and Frau Penrod; she cares a lot, so make her proud. To all my Folk Dancers, I leave you performance drama, winning it all at the Foreign Language Fair, and getting rightfully recognized as a high school sport for PE credit, plus using dance moves from flash mob videos. Finally, to Mrs. Brommer, I leave my appreciation for introducing me to computer science and bringing me into the fold in Cyberpatriot. You will be missed!


I, Jenna Kemp, being of sarcastic mind and athletic body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Molly, Emma, and Maddie, I leave the Houston soccer team and all the hotel memories. To Sydney, Parker, Gertie, Emma, I leave all the Osaka and Mempops you can imagine. To Bella, Jordan, and Nate, I leave y’all the goats. Goodluck to all of you next year!


I, Amber Legenzoff, being of positive mind and clumsy body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Diyora Temirova, I leave both of my cars, the Germantown Athletic Center, and all of my love and support- I’m going to miss you. To Colin Cantwell, I leave corsages, Gov School, and two pennies- thank you for all the memories. To Rachel Morrison, I leave an infinite supply of Cheetos, all of my AP Lit Books, and game nights. To Owen Gregory, I leave pearl necklaces, Disney music, and IHOP. To Colin, Rachel, and Dylan I also leave one too many Plant Earth Videos. To Zoey Parker, I leave Best Buddies- you’re going to do great things. To Mrs.Freeman, Mrs.Ozment, Señora Ferryman, Mrs.Crowe, Mrs.Bansal, Mrs.Christie, and Miss Moline I leave many thanks for pushing me to be better and continuously believing in me. To the HHS choir program, I leave Miss Moline- please take care of her and treat her well.


I, Sam Lumsden, being of disjunct mind and battered body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

I hereby leave Thomas Cazort my prized locker for the stowing of his possessions. In addition, I leave the alto section and it’s unity and sanity to all the competent juniors. Good luck guys. Finally I leave Anna Eoff with a hopeful outlook on the future, and knowledge that the band and everything will be ok.


I, Zach Morris, being of absent mind and tired body hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Seth Musicante, everything I’ve ever learned in the A building. To John Rice, a gallon of water and my 12th man award. And to Parker Humphrey, a razor to shave your head (freshie).


I, Will Murphree, being of sound mind and great body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

I leave something to Sawyer Verbeek.


I, Chloe Murphy, being of silly mind and able body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Savannah Hardin, I leave the late night jam sessions and Taco Bell runs. To Tiyana Newsom and Tatiana Gary, I leave the fashion design class memories and laughs. To Olivia Dewitt, I leave Tazikis trips. To Jordan Jones, I leave my blender and smoothie bowls. And finally, to Kylee Murphy, my little sister; my best friend, I leave Mom, Dad, Kellon, and the responsibility of keeping everyone laughing. And of course… staying boujee.


I, Dinobi Onyeagocha, being of stressed mind and sassy body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

Malena I leave you Dr. Simone and Mr. Traverse, Shayda I leave you my fashion sense (don’t disappoint me), Emaan I  leave you my ACT score and Momma Chii, Nikki I leave you all the sass and no-nonsense attitude one needs to rule senior year, Collin and Arshan I leave you guys MUN, Jaime I leave you the absolute best time in Boston, Swesh I leave you gossip sessions on the Aziz couch , Riya I leave you the best of luck with college acceptances, Ashley I leave you Sean and Cardi B jam seshes, Susanna, Karsyn, and Grey I leave you Benzing and the tennis team, and to my beautiful sister Kife I leave you Mrs. Schmitt and an amazing high school experience. I love you all so very much, and I know you’ll do amazing things!! Make Momma D proud!!


I, Hayley Royal, being of nervous mind and Jewish body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Peyton Schutt my Nugget and Liz fan merch plus all my passion for second date updates

To Kate Schoggen the 17 cents I just found in my backpack

To everyone in newspaper my spot on the loveseat

To Becker my cards for solitaire


I, Cooper Reed, being of musical mind and ready body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

Bose headphones to Matthew Taylor

A good jazz band to John Hagen

Sushi to Dave Wohlschlegel


I, Hanna Saxon, being of frazzled mind and fatigued body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Mary Margaret and Elizabeth Kutas, I leave you the best senior year of your lives, and the task of being the oldest grandchildren in town to take care of Bee and Papa. To Patrick Parsels and Rachel Morrison, I leave you the honor of going to YPA every Sunday night for a WHOLE YEAR. To this year’s incoming AP Spanish class, I leave you google translate, all of Regan’s quizlets, and the patience to get through. And finally, to Peyton Schutt and Kate Schoggen, I leave you the strength to get through the rest of these years without your sisters, honestly I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it either.


I, Taylor Schoggen, being of scattered mind and allergy prone body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To emaan aziz, i leave pow wowwing in the parking lot after school. to my favorite cousin, preslie craig, i leave drinking water in mrs. ryans class and accidentally forgetting where iss is when she sends you there. most importantly to my sister, kate schoggen, i leave the bergens and my legacies in spanishland and toritown. may you rule them both (and also pass).


I, Allison Udell, being of stressed mind and exhausted body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

o Neha Mawani, Zipporah Davis, and Reed Brittman, I leave 7th period and all its confusion. To Kirsten Stewart and Sam Cai, I leave medical monday’s and the dreadful OSHA certification. To Alexis Tidwell, I leave the many laughs and conversations on the way to 6th period. To Mrs. Mullings, I leave my constant questions and my eccentric performance of nursing skills. And to Mrs. Ozment, I leave the best teacher I could ever ask for.


I, Kat Walker, being of determined mind and energetic body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Ceren Bicken, Chandler Kuhn, Sara Moubasher, and Kyndel Henager I leave all the future folkdance fun. To Olivia Maness I leave my chess skills so Mr. Underwood won’t go insane from boredom. To Caroline Davis I leave my title of The Ginger. To Sydney Swary I leave my common sense. To Slim Terrel I hope you stop spilling your breakfast all over the school. Finally to my brother John I leave the responsibility of getting good grades to keep the monkeys off your back.


I, Tina Ziai, being of stressed mind and tired body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Madi Ammons and Taylor Mills, I leave the little gym and swanky’s. I’m so thankful TLG brought me to y’all. To Lauren Nicell, I leave genuine happiness. To Veronica Lane, I leave the Jeep Compass. Finally, to Mina Ziai, I leave Mom, Dad, and our guinea pigs. Cherish high school and make the most out of every moment. Don’t check out of school every day like me lol.


I, Natalie Ziomek, being of West Coast mind and bruised body, hereby leave these things to the following people:

To Brooke Grant, I leave the volleyball team and all the game day smoothies.  To Ella Burgess, I leave the locker room and all the great naps and jam sessions it comes with. To Veronica Lane, I leave my responsibilities as the Sophomore Mom, please make sure all the kids graduate.To Aubrey Nischwitz, I leave you your brother, but i’ll be back for him. To Audrey Holmes, I leave my jersey number and all the skills to be an amazing lacrosse player. Lastly, to Bella Depriest, I leave you broken Blaze, morning car rides, chipotle runs, and all of our memories. I love you! Natty Out.