AAF Shutdown

Collin Cardot, Football Guy

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Just like Anthony Davis’s shirt on the last game of the season and Porky Pig’s classic
saying, “That’s all folks.” On Wednesday last week the AAF shut down all operations league
wide. In a big hodgepodge of problems, the main reason is that league owner, Tom Dundon,
pulled his funding for the league. This leaves players, coaches, and even vendors unpaid. They
will no longer be paid and will not have health insurance at the end of the month. There are even
stories with players being left on the road to pay their own hotel bills. One of my least favorite
parts of this whole debacle was the destruction of Jonny Football. In his short stint, Jonny
seemed to love and embrace this city and now that will be taken away from him, and we may
never cross paths again. There is a light side to this whole mess however, The NFL has absorbed
around 40 AAF players who now get to live their dream. This does seem to be the end now, but
it is thought that the AAF retained a small number of staff members in order for a second effort.
Hopefully these players can find other ways to pursue their dreams, and Memphis can be witness
to Jonny Football again one day.

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