My Sincere, Emotional Advice for Upcoming Seniors


Brady Bush, Senior

“You’re gonna regret not wearing you Tie Dye shirt on Spirit Day’

-Blakely Harrison

To all of my upcoming seniors, I have some advice for you that isn’t “apply before November,” “have a backup school,” or “start getting teacher recommendations soon” or anything like that. While this practical advice is useful, most people have already told you. I’m gonna give you my advice to help you get the most out of your senior year.

Coming into senior year, don’t expect it to be the great year full of fun that everyone always says it is; it’s not. Senior year is stressful, with tons of deadlines and confusing college policies in addition to the mountains of homework teachers love to get. In the beginning of senior year, I fell into this stress trap and buried myself in work, forgetting to have fun along the way. It’s easy to get wrapped up in this trap, and suddenly it’s December and half the year is gone.

My advice to seniors would be to not get wrapped up in the college process to forget that it’s yOUR SENIOR YEAR DUDE! Enjoy it while it lasts! Everything will be figured out soon and you just need to enjoy your last year of being a real kid. I wish someone had told me that. Good luck seniors! Trouble don’t last always! Enjoy life while it lasts!