AP Art Features Pt. 3

AP Art Features Pt. 3

Blakely Harrison, Ar-teest

This is the third part in my series on the students in Houston’s AP Art class. I
wanted to showcase all of their hard work, and shine a spotlight on a program of
Houston that far too often goes unrecognized. Be sure and check out all of the students’
work hanging in the main lobby during the rest of the month!

Sydney Beltran

“To me, pets are one of the purest forms of happiness. Every individual pet and owner
has their own unique personalities which translates to a one-of-a-kind dynamic. Looking to the
people around me, I illustrated my friends and family that share special relationships with their
pets. Upon experimenting with my series, I hope the viewer is left with the same feeling of
happiness that I experienced when making the work.”




Lindsay Carney

“The central idea of my concentration is surrounding the phenomenon of nostalagia.
The pieces center around the role objects and memories play in a person’s life and how one
object or small daily occurance can illicit memories from any point in the past. These pieces are
a tribute to that idea as it pertains to my life specifically. Because of my tendency towards
sentimentality, this subject matter gives me an outlet to relate my favorite memories to paper.”





Paige Palmer

“For millenniums, astrology has been used to predict and explain our emotions and
personality traits based on the placement of the stars, planets, and sun in the solar system.
Often, whether we realize it or not, both positive and negative traits of our astrological signs
show in our personalities. My concentration portrays my friends through the perspective of
their signs typical characteristics and emotions.”