The Grizzlies’ Season Is Over…How Was It?

The Grizzlies Season Is Over...How Was It?

Emma Coons, Grizz Fan

As of Wednesday, April 10th, our local Memphis Grizzlies’ season is over, as they didn’t make the playoffs. Even if you don’t follow them or aren’t a fan, if you’re from around here you’ve probably heard that this year was pretty tough. Let’s take a look back in time and experience the rollercoaster that was this Grizzlies’ season together.

The beginning of the season started off pretty well and our first 17 games had us out of the gate with a 12-5 record. Around Thanksgiving, we were even the #1 team in the west. Over the Warriors. Over Denver. Over everybody. However, the high was lost pretty soon after and in the months of December, January, and February, it was a steady decline.

With the trade deadline steadily approaching, Memphis saw something happen that no expected this year: Marc Gasol and Mike Conley up for grabs. From interviews and interactions, it seemed like Marc wasn’t too upset about it. He was excited at the prospect of going somewhere to compete for a title and thankful for what Memphis had given him. Mike was a different story. From interviews he kept his poise and calm, but it was obvious he didn’t want to leave this franchise or this town, and especially since he’s made it clear he wants to compete for a title here. So we know how the story goes, and you can check out one of my previous articles on NBA Trade Day, but we traded away Big Spain. We sent Marc Gasol to the Toronto Raptors and in return received C Jonas Valanciunas, PG/SG Delon Wright, SG/SF CJ Miles, and a 2024 2nd Round Draft Pick. We also sent JaMychal Green and Garrett Temple to the Los Angeles Clippers and received PG/SG Avery Bradley. Lastly, we sent Shelvin Mack to the Atlanta Hawks where he was immediately waived, and received PG Tyler Dorsey.

After the trade we still struggled, but kept trying to win to be able to convey our 2019 Pick to Boston in the summer. Now we’re tied with New Orleans and Dallas from 7th-9th worst in the league. Things have picked up towards the end of the season ending the season off with a major win against Golden State at home.

Mike Conley seems to think he is staying in Memphis next season, and while it is not technically his decision, he has some major pull here in the 901. After the final game the Grizzlies’ fired their head coach, JB Bickerstaff, and demoted their GM. After the NBA draft coin toss, the Grizzlies have be given the 8th worst spot in the league. This leaves us with a 26.2% chance at a Top 4 Pick, 42.6% chance of conveying to Boston, and a 31.2% chance of picking 8th. We’ll see how it goes.