A Pre-Prom Top 10 List

Emma Coons, Prom-xpert

With Prom coming up in just a few short days, it’s time to get your finishing touches together. As a senior, I’ve been to Prom once before, and I know everyone says it, but the actual event isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you’re fun loving and don’t mind standing on the outskirts of a cluster of people “dancing” and can still have a good time: you will. Last year I hung out in my own group outside the dance floor getting down and dancing my heart out and I had tons of fun, but you’ve got to put yourself in the right mind. With that said, here’s my top 10 list of things to do and not do the week before Prom:

  1. If you’re getting a spray tan (I did), be mindful of your actual skin color. Don’t be the HHS Prom Oompa-Loompa.
  2. Look at the weather. Have backup plans for pictures if inclement weather might get in the way.
  3. Make a reservation. Especially if you’re going in a group, nothing’s worse for a restaurant than a random group of ten kids coming in in prom attire that they’re not ready for.
  4. Have a Prom night schedule. Not like an Excel sheet but have an idea of when you’re going where.
  5. Be ready to sweat. There’s way too many people in a too small space and it gets hot.
  6. Bring another pair of shoes if you’re wearing high heels. I made this mistake last year and at homecoming. I thought I would just took my shoes off, but someone stomped on my toe in a stiletto. It hurt. Don’t be me.
  7. Don’t wait until the last minute to make any appointments like hair or makeup. I did and now I’m doing my own makeup.
  8. Be prepared for people in the restaurant or wherever you’re going before or after to ask you if you’re going to Prom. An intoxicated woman even decided to fix my friend’s hair last year at Babalu.
  9. Girls: pamper yourself! Let it be a special day. You’ve been saving that face mask? Today’s the day to do it. Be fancy.
  10. Stay safe. I know everyone says it, but some people do do stupid stuff on Prom night. Have fun, but stay mindful.