AP Art Features Pt 2

AP Art Features Pt 2

Blakely Harrison, Ar-teest

This is the second part of my series on the concentrations of the AP art students’ work. It will be
hanging up in the main lobby for the rest of March and most of April, so be sure and check it out
in the main lobby!!!

Morgan Pietri
“People interact with one another in a variety of ways every day. In my concentration I
attempted to display the interpersonal relationships I witness around me and the colors and
patterns I associate with these interactions. I wanted to make connections between human
relationships and the moods they create using coordinating colors and designs.”







Zaria Farrington
“My work is about certain hip hop artists and their influence on me. The main factors that went
into me choosing the artists for the series is the message of their music, the themes used
throughout their art, and how the music has affected me personally.”





Blakely Harrison
“I want to give viewers a glimpse of the music that had some significance to me over this past
summer—a pivotal time period in my life. My concentration is made up of interpretive album
covers that showcase figures among pastel tones and geometric shapes.

I want the viewers to be able to create their own narrative. Whether they initially know
the song featured or not, my goal is for them to interpret their own meaning using the
combination of elements before them. In the end, I hope the work elicit feelings similar to the
ones I felt the first time listening to these songs.”