Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel Review

Emma Coons, Lady-Hero

Captain Marvel blew away my expectations and the fact that Marvel was able to make such a good movie and have it come out only a month prior to possibly their biggest release ever is honestly…a marvel.

Captain Marvel surrounds a strong-willed, determined alien lady-hero played by Brie Larson, who finds herself in an identity crisis after discovering her past bit-by-bit. Going into the movie, I was honestly weary because I had thought there was no way this movie could be really great because I figured Marvel was putting all their efforts into End Game coming out next month. I also did not expect Captain Marvel to be the prequel I didn’t know the Avengers movies needed. I was absolutely blown away.

Not only did I find the story, even with it being completely new, incredibly compelling, but I found that Marvel managed to do what I thought DC did not in Wonder Woman. The character Captain Marvel, or “Carol,” was not in any way over-sexualized, or even the “female Marvel hero.” While she did face some friction from her male peers in the movie, that wasn’t the forefront. The forefront of the movie was that she was awesome and bad “butt,” not that the was those things despite being a woman. I felt that DC made the character of Wonder Woman great even though she is a woman, and I felt that her character physically was somewhat over-sexualized, but Captain Marvel’s hero apparel was the same as her male counterparts, and her Earth apparel was just indicative of the time period and her personality.

Overall I would say, especially if you’re a Marvel fan, this is a movie to go see. I remember when Marvel only released a new movie every two years, and at first I thought when they started cranking them out so quickly these past few years the movies’ quality would fall, however the quality has skyrocketed. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. If you’re planning on watching End Game next month, it’s time to go see Captain Marvel.