The Best and Worst Things About Senior Year

The Best and Worst Things About Senior Year

Brady Bush, Senior

As senior year is coming to a close, I decided to go out and interview a few seniors to
see what they thought the best and worst parts of senior are to prep the incoming class of 2020!

The Good
“He really fell off”
-Blakely Harrison

Blakely thinks that senior year was so much more fun than she would have expected! It
really fell off!

“I loved going to the sporting events at school! Stang Gang or Die!

-Cady Baltz

Cady had a great time at the football games leading the crowd in cheers and leading the
Mustang Mob to victory!

The Bad

“When can I leave? Is it over yet? Just no.”

-Ashley Robertson

Ashley thought the college process was way too stressful this year and it probably
always will be. While she had fun during senior year, she’s ready to be done with the college
application process.

“I wish teachers would understand that college applications are stressful enough without having

mountains of homework in a standard level class.”


This kid thought that the teachers should lighten up their course load in order to give
them more time to focus on college applications during the first semester.


Overall, senior year had its highs and its lows but we are all ready and excited for the
future and for the fun that the staff has ready for us this quarter!