Can Money Buy Everything?


Addison Nixon, Reporter

Having famous parents sounds pretty great right? A little bit of some spotlight for you, a
little bit of special treatment, a little bit more open opportunities for acting positions. What
could go wrong? And when in doubt, throw a little extra cash at the situation. Now I’m not
saying that every famous person out there would throw money at any situation to make it go
away. However, they may be more inclined to open up their wallets when their children are
involved. By now, you may have heard about Lori Loughlin’s two daughters being recruited for
the USC crew team. Here’s the catch, Loughlin allegedly payed $500,000 in bribes to allow her
two daughters to play for the team, while neither of them has ever played the sport before.
This caused a whole lot of controversy with the people of Hollywood, especially her co-stars on
When Calls the Heart. Loughlin was fired from the show, while episode airing has been
postponed while they figure out the details of this ‘messy’ situation. Loughlin has been a part of
the Hallmark team for a very long time, with multiple tv shows, along with Full House, and the
current production of Fuller House. She has been completely fired form the channel, with her
future productions put on hold. Her daughter, Olivia Jade, has also been fired from her
partnerships with Sephora, TRESemme, and Amazon. Loughlin was charged in court and was
released on a $1 million bail. Some people are saying that Loughlin did what any parent would
have done, however not every parent has $500,000 to bribe schools with. While some are
furious with the daughters being accepted to play on the crew team after having played for 0
years, when there are young athletes who have spent their lives training and Olivia Jade took
that spot away from them because she has famous parents. Loughlin is awaiting further