Kylie Jenner Youngest Self-Made(?) Billionaire

Kylie Jenner Youngest Self-Made(?) Billionaire

Emma Coons, Kylie Critic

This week, Forbes released a feature on Kylie Jenner naming her the youngest ever self made billionaire, overcoming Mark Zuckerberg. Jenner had already been named under their youngest self-made billionaires list, but she has now risen to the top. After her Kylie Cosmetics company’s massive success and recent venture into retail (hitting Ulta Beauty stores in mid-November), her cosmetics brand is currently valued at over $900 million. Even with this success, this recent title begs the question: is Kylie Jenner self-made?

Kylie is undoubtedly the most financially successful of the Kardashian/Jenner clan even if she is the youngest, but being the youngest gave her many perks. After oppositions arose arguing she obviously was not self made being that her sisters were making an empire when she was only twelve, Kylie snapped back saying “even if I had a platform, I didn’t inherit the money.”

From this statement, it is clearly noticeable Kylie does not understand what that platform means or what it provided her. Kim Kardashian’s original…success…set the Kardashian takeover into motion, there has been no stopping Kris’ empire, and without that, Kylie would probably just be at UCLA or something today.

She obviously is not a “self-made” billionaire, even if she made all the money, but that does not deny the fact that it’s a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, I stan Kylie. I even have a Kylie lip-kit and love it! But that doesn’t mean she’s self-made.