Reach Education Fund

Eman Habib, Volunteer

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Last weekend I volunteered at a fundraiser that aimed to provide Palestinian
students full scholarships to college.
Reach Education Fund is a nonprofit organization founded by Mr. Walid
Abdelhamid Mizyed on February 14 th 2014. Their mission is to reach aide,
educate, and inspire Palestinian students through scholarship and mentorship.
So many Palestinian students graduate high school with really high GPAs and high
exam grades but can’t attend college because they have financial difficulties.
Reach Education Fund helps those students in continuing their education and
achieving their goals. On February 22 nd they came to Memphis for the second time
seeking the communities support. Ghada Shurrab and Yahya Qbaaja were two of
the students who came to talk about how much this organization has helped
them. Ghada came all the way from Gaza and talked about how rigorous her 13-
day trip went. That night, we raised about 50 thousand dollars which gives about
20-25 kids free college tuition. They hope to continue their positive mission to
hopefully grow bigger and be able to provide a free education for children every