Mamma Mia Review

Brady Bush, ABBA Front Man

This weekend, I went to go see the Houston High production of Mamma Mia for the first
time, having never seen the movie.
The play was, like all of the plays at Houston, amazing! For my first viewing of Mamma
Mia, I was blown away! All of the elements seemed to just come together for the play. The set
design was beautiful and well thought out. The costumes perfectly embodied the characters.
And most importantly, the actors did a great job.
Sarah Cate Melton, who played Donna, blew me away with her powerful vocals during
all of the hit songs of the play. The choreography of the ensemble was just as important and
really brought the songs together into a cohesive production. Additionally, Abby Wingfield, who
played one of the Dynamos, brought spunk and comedy to the stage with her representation of
her character. Addison Nixon (Rosie/starlet of the newspaper) and Paige Hollenbeck (Sophie)
completed the play with their flawless portrayals of their characters.
All in all, I think the play went really well, and I will definitely be singing the Mamma Mia
soundtrack in my car for weeks to come.