The Jonas Brothers Are Back (for You Babayyy)


Brady Bush, Jo Bro

Finally, the Jonas Brothers have given our generation the reunion we’ve been waiting
for! Today, on March 1, 2019, the Jo Bros reunited and released a new single, called “Sucker.”
While the trio is older and more mature now, their sound still blends magically and keeps the
same pop-rock band vibe.
The Jonas Brothers probably peaked in the late 2000s, after being Disney channel stars
and releasing 4 studio albums. As children, and even now, the kids of our generation loved the
Jonas Brothers. Their older bops, like “Burnin Up” and “S.O.S.” combined with their presence all
over Disney Channel, captivated us as children. In 2013, they tried to make their first comeback with the song “Pom Poms,” but alas, the band broke up in 2013 and each
brother went off to do their own thing. Joe has his own band, DNCE, Nick had his own solo
career featuring his main bop “Jealous,” and Kevin took a break from the spotlight with his cute family and show “Married to Jonas.”
I think I speak for most of our generation when I say we have all wanted a reunion for a
very long time. When I heard on Thursday that their new song was dropping at midnight, I was
ecstatic. The reunion was hidden well under wraps until Thursday and nobody knew about it,
making it a huge surprise and all the more better.
While the Jo Bros have kept the same sound in their rebirth as a band, things seemed to
have changed. Joe is no longer the sole star singer like he used to be, which I think is a good
change. As you can see, Nick is in the middle of the picture for once and he actually opens up
the new single with his vocals. Poor Kevin, however, is still off to the side. You’ll get your shot at
the middle someday Kev!