New Paternity Leave

Hayley Royal, New Dad

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New dads across the country may soon have the ability to spend extended time with their newborns thanks to an effort launched by Dove. The company has created a one million dollar commitment, the Paternity Leave Fund, to provide up to $5,000 to dads who otherwise would not be able to be home with a new baby. The grants will be donated throughout the next two years and can be applied for with a simple application. In addition, in order to be considered for a grant expecting dads must take Dove’s Pledge for Paternity Leave-a promise to use the entire leave given to him. The company also offers pledge options for allies to support paid paternity leave and business leaders to agree to “enact paternity leave policies that foster an empowering professional environment.”

NPR reports that America is one of ninety-two countries that lacks a national policy that ensures paid leave for new fathers. Many major companies-including Starbucks and Dollar General- across the country, however, have recently adapted updated policies to allow fathers to spend more time with family. Dove explains that its goal is to ultimately normalize paid paternity leave to “[benefit] families, workplaces and communities.”