Barbie’s New Disabled Inclusive Doll

Barbies New Disabled Inclusive Doll

Eman Habib, Reporter

Barbie comes out with a new doll in a wheelchair. Many girls dream of a doll who looks like them. They feel included when they are going through the isle of dolls and spot a doll that resembles them. A lot of people reached out to the Vice President of Barbie Design and requested a doll in a wheelchair. So, they delivered. The company came out with two new dolls, one in a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg. This addition to the Barbie collection makes the girls with these disabilities feel more empowered and not different than the rest. It’s a remembrance that they are not the only ones in this world who are like this and to embrace their difference instead of feeling shameful.

(Edited by: Julia Booth)