Lethal Substances Mixed with Alcohol

Addison Nixon, Reporter

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A young women, Hannah Powell, vacationing in Greece was out on a bar crawl with her
friends; just a regular night. She laughed and danced and called it a night around midnight and
returned to her hotel. After waking up the next morning, Hannah asked why the lights were off,
followed by her friends telling her they were on. Hannah got up to turn the lights on when she
realized she couldn’t see anything. She was taken to a hospital where she slipped in and out of
consciousness: she was delirious. She began to think she was being kidnapped and was scared
for her life, and it wasn’t until her father talked to her on the phone, telling her everything was
alright, she began to calm down. Her kidneys began to shut down. Hospital tests confirmed Hannah had methanol
poisoning from the vodka she had drank the night before. Her friends, who drank the same
vodka were left with stomach cramps, nothing as severe as what Hannah faced. Mafia gangs
make the illegal substance in the woods, mixing methanol with vodka, and put it in Smirnoff
bottles so you don’t expect anything, and sell it for cheap at the local bars. Hannah returned
home weeks after staying in the hospital, still no eyesight. Her mother donated a kidney to
Hannah after 18 months on dialysis. Three years have passed and Hannah’s eyesight has not
returned, but her hope is that they can put a stop to the dangers of consuming unknown
substances. Bars are crawling with people trying to poison people’s drinks whether they work at
the bar, or not. Hannah’s biggest hope is that the staff unknowingly served methanol to its

(Edited by: Brady Bush)

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