Goodnight Mars Rover

Mauren Lee, Reporter

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NASA officially announced on February 13 th , 2019 that the Opportunity Mars rover
mission is over. The rover’s team made its last attempt to contact the rover on the 11 th , after
sending out over 835 recovery commands. After Mars got hit with a dust storm in June, NASA
hasn’t been able to communicate with Opportunity. Opportunity and her twin, Spirit, were
originally sent to Mars to search for signs of ancient life in 2004.Both rovers were only expected
to last 90 days on Mars but lasted much longer. In 2009, Spirit got stuck in a patch of soft soil
and couldn’t get free. Opportunity was often talked about in the media and was well known for
being the rover that sang happy birthday to herself every year. In her 15 years of exploration,
she captured 217,594 images of mars. The Curiosity rover is still left on Mars, along with the
stationary InSight lander. Both will continue to study the Red Planet and carry on the missions
on Opportunity and Spirit.

(Edited by: Eli Bernstein)