Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat to Receive Inheritance Fortune

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Fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, recently died this week and plans to leave a chunk of his
fortune to his beloved, “rich girl,” Burmese cat, Choupette.
Throughout his career, Lagerfeld worked for Fendi for 54 years and later became the
creative director for Chanel and worked for the label for 36 years. His designs at Chanel
revitalized the nearly dead fashion label and gained him international recognition, fame, and
However, Karl isn’t the only famous Lagerfeld in the family. His cat, Choupette, has also
gained some fame. While already growing up in the lap of luxury, Choupette actually makes her
own income. She has around 250,000 Instagram followers, has appeared in various car and
beauty advertisements, even becoming the ambassador for the French car company, Opel.
Additionally, she has two books written about her and even has her own makeup line.
Lagerfeld made arrangements some years ago in his will to leave Choupette enough
money to continue living her expensive lifestyle after his death. Though Lagerfeld is German, he
lived in Paris and must abide by the French law. According to French law, only people and
organizations can receive inheritance money. However, it is suspected that Lagerfeld found a
loophole to this law, potentially leaving money to a trusted individual only for Choupette or
creating a foundation for her care.

(Edited by: Addison Nixon)

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