French Anti-Semitic Rallies


Hayley Royal, Reporter

Participation in French rallies against the country’s prevalent anti-Semitism has grown, just as the nation’s rate of anti-Semitic attacks has increased. Government officials-including Prime Minister Edouard Philippe- joined with Jewish community members and non-Jewish supporter Tuesday demanding an end to the recent hateful crimes.

The French government reported 541 anti-Semitic crimes during 2018, a seventy-four percent increase from 2017. Unfortunately, 2019 shows no evidence of a decrease in the hate crimes; anti-Semitic groups and individuals have painted swastikas and slurs on both street portraits of a Holocaust survivor and on a shop with a Jewish owner and destroyed trees memorializing a man killed from an anti-Semitic attack in 2006. Just this week, over eighty tombstones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in eastern France.

The French government has pledged to work towards ending the aggressive behavior. The efforts to reduce the country’s anti-Semitism has been recognized and commended across the world, including from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

(Edited by: Blakely Harrison)