Beale Street Music Fest!


Collin Cardot, Local Rapper

Last Wednesday, the lineup to the Beale Street Music Festival was released. With that
being said, the lineup was less than desirable to me. Now in order to get my point across it is
important to note that music taste is subjective, you may love the lineup. Now, here are my
quarrels. There were some big names rumored to be making an appearance, my favorite of
which, being J. Cole. He was one of the top vote getters and was invited to the festival. As you
may notice, he is not there. I understand Cole had the option to decline, but why put him on the
list if he was not going to attend. Second, most of the performers do not bring a music fest vibe.
Artists like 6lack, Trippie Redd, and Khalid all have calmer music meant to touch your feelings,
not turn you up. A bright spot though, former Houston student, NLE Choppa has his own set
time on Sunday, make sure to check him out. Even if I believe the lineup is a little weaker this
year, I’m sure thousands of people will still enjoy it as always.