James Harrison


Eman Habib, Reporter

James Harrison, a man living in Australia, donated blood every week for 60 years and saved the
lives of 2.4 million babies.
James Harrison has a very special blood type which fights off a disease called rhesus. Rhesus is
condition where the blood of a pregnant women attacks the unborn baby. This can cause the
baby to have brain damage or can even result in death for the baby. Doctors discovered that his
blood contained the antibody which could be used to create Anti-D injections after undergoing
major chest surgery. After the discovery, he pledged to become a blood donor. He is one of 50
people in Australia known to have antibodies. More than 17% of women are at risk in Australia.
In Australia you aren’t able to donate blood after the age of 81, so Harrison had to retire and he
hopes that people who have the same blood type will continue donating it to save more lives.