Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s Live Show: My Experience

Cody Ko and Noel Millers Live Show: My Experience

Blakely Harrsion, Love Island Cast Member

This past weekend, I went to Nashville for Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s comedy tour. Cody Ko and Noel Miller are two Youtubers who originally got their fame from vine. They both have comedy channels on youtube, a shared podcast, as well as several EPs. My friend Makensie and I have been huge fans of theirs for about a year, so when we saw that VIP tickets to the show were only $70, we jumped at the chance.

With the VIP tour tickets, we were able to take a photo with the guys as well as get a signed poster and front row seating. The line for getting the photos went quickly so you only had time to make a small comment or two to the guys and get your photos.

After we had gotten our picture, Makensie and I headed to the stage. There were only around 75 VIPs and we were pretty far towards the front of the line, so we were super close to the stage, making the experience of the show even more enjoyable.

During the show itself, the guys did about 20 minutes of just regular stand-up. They did a fantastic job of interacting with crowd. Thankfully, Makensie and I were spared from getting roasted by the two of them. After their stand-up bits, they did a bit from their series “That’s Cringe.” In this series, Cody and Noel will watch a video that is super weird and they will make comments and jokes about the video. In the live show, they did one about a Frat house tour at FSU. This was probably my favorite part of the show, due to my love of this segment on their youtube channel.

Finally, to end the show, they did about 20-30 minutes of Q&A. The guys did a great job of responding with quick and witty responses to just about every question. I was way too nervous to ask a question, but it was really entertaining to hear them answer some of the questions asked.

Overall, I loved the show. It was so fun to see these youtubers who I love so much in real life. Cody and Noel exceeded expectations live, and I would definitely recommend going if you are able. The one downside is that they didn’t perform any of their music, which I think the entire crowd was looking forward to, but the show was still great.