Tiger in Texas?

Julia Booth, Exotic Animals Expert

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On Monday, February 11 th , a Texas man thought he was hallucinating as he walked into an
abandoned house and stumbled across a tiger within the garage. He called 911 to report this
huge cat, and as Houston Police arrived they discovered the tiger locked up in a cramped cage,
secured by only a few screws and a nylon strap. The tiger appeared to have a few packages of
meat kept nearby, but otherwise no other sign of life in the house.
For removal of the cat, animal control officers tranquilized it and is now being transferred to a
sanctuary in another part of Texas. The police have also yet to find the owner of the tiger.
Tigers are not native to North America and they are endangered to where estimates place less
than 4,000 left in the wild, as to how the owner might have transported the tiger here is still
being investigated.

(Edited by: Eman Habib)