Thank U, Next Review

Thank U, Next Review

Brady Bush, Ari Stan

On February 7th, Ariana Grande released her 5th studio album, Thank U Next, just months after releasing her album Sweetener in August. While the album is full of great songs, I do think it pales in comparison to Sweetener.

While Ariana does give us insight into her intense and complicated emotions over the past few months, with Mac Miller’s death and breaking up with Pete Davidson, I do think that the song production itself is weak. The lyrics were obviously a strong point in the album, but the songs all sound the same. They all sound like pop songs with some trap beats over them. Additionally, Ariana doesn’t really try anything new vocally, and just sounds like a normal pop singer.

While I do see some of the faults in Thank U Next, I still love the album. Admittedly, I am an Ariana stan, so I am biased but I do think this album is full of great, empowering songs. Some of my favorites are “In My Head” and “Bad Idea.”

Overall, a great album but it still follows the same basic pop formula.

(Edited by: Addison Nixon)