NBA Trades Overview


Emma Coons, NBA Superfan

This year NBA trades hit Memphis hard, with longtime beloved Grizzly Marc Gasol headed to Toronto to be a Raptor. In return, Memphis received Center Jonas Valanciunas, Guard Delon Wright, Forward/Guard CJ Miles, and a 2024 second round pick. In addition to this major trade, from the LA Clippers Memphis got Guard Avery Bradley (who dropped a whopping 33 points on Tuesday) for Forward/Guard Garrett Temple and Forward JaMychal Green.

These trades for basketball-loving Memphians seemed inevitable, but one trade we expected to go down did not. Memphis, even after various offers floated about, kept other longtime Grizzly Mike Conley, who the front office probably will end up trading over the summer. While many Memphians gawked at this decision, personally I believe this was very smart. This year is the first year we have to think of our past trade with the Celtics for Jeff Green in 2015. Back then, we traded away a protected 2019 first round pick in the draft, meaning the Celtics would get our pick with restrictions. If we landed in the 8 worst teams in the league in 2019, we got to keep the pick. Then if we landed in the 6 worst teams in the league in 2020, we get to keep it again, but by 2021 the pick would be unprotected and go straight to Boston. So while half the city wanted the Grizz to “tank,” the front office made (basically the only) good decision this year to “win today, in June convey.” We plan to not be one of the 8 worst teams and go ahead and give the Celtics the draft pick this year, because in coming years the draft is predicted to be amazing, with guys like James Wiseman most likely entering in 2020.

The other biggest upset at the trade deadline was the fact that Anthony Davis, who publicly voiced he wanted to leave the Pelicans, ended up staying there. The Pelicans are owned by a widow of a billionaire who bought the Pelicans right after Katrina, so she decided since Davis is good and still has 2 years on his contract, they would keep him, not really understanding how the NBA works. To spite the rest of the league, New Orleans’ General Manager leaked all 8 of the names of players the Lakers offered for Anthony Davis alone. Even after all that, Anthony Davis remains in New Orleans, and probably will be for at least another year.

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(Edited by: Lauren Beickert)