New Facetime Bug Discovered


Julia Booth, Expose Reporter

On January 19 th , 14 year-old Grant Thompson tried to facetime his friend to play “Fortnite” and
stumbled across an extremely concerning invasion of privacy. When his friend, Nathan, did not
pick up the facetime call, Thompson used the group facetime feature to add his other friend
onto the call. This immediately connected him with Nathan, even when Nathan had not
accepted the call, so he could hear through Nathan’s phone and even in some circumstances
see his friend.
After a few more tests, he told his mother, Michele Thompson, who attempted to get into
contact with Apple, but failed numerous times. These tries include multiple emails, tweets,
applying for the bounty program, which provides compensation for discovering bugs in the
Eventually, the Thompson family made a video discussing the full details of the bug, which they
sent to the company along with a two-page letter. Then the next Monday, news broke of the
bug across the media, however the app developer who broke the news claims he only saw
Thompson’s tweet after publishing the article.
Apple had since disabled the “Group Facetime” feature and an update to the app is expected to
be released soon, however many are criticizing Apple’s lack of response towards this bug and
calling for updates to the customer service process.