Memphis’ New Pro Sports!

Memphis New Pro Sports!

Collin Cardot, Pro-Athlete

Memphis’s main sport team (The Grizzlies) have not been doing so hot the past couple
years, but Memphians can rejoice! Two new sports teams are coming to the Bluff City. First the
express, in the AAF football league, kick off February 16 th . The AAF is the Alliance of
American Football. It was founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, it gives an opportunity to
less developed football a time to shine in a professional league of its own. The AAF will not try
to work against the NFL which means it will prosper more than football leagues prior. Next
comes the Memphis 901 F.C. Their first game comes on March 9 th , the 901 F.C. will play in the
United Soccer League. This team is so close to home, they’ve even practiced on Houston’s very
own field. This is a truly exciting time to be a Memphis sports fan. P.S. James Wiseman made
the McDonald’s All-American team. That’s another win for the boys in blue.