Controversy with Rich Paul

Eli Bernstein, NBA Player

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Anthony Davis has recently requested a trade, an action that we as fans have been
expecting for quite a while. A once in a generation talent like Davis wants to win, and for the
past seven years the New Orleans Pelicans have not. The Pelicans have made it to the playoffs
with Davis only twice, last year and the 2014-15 season. Last year the Pelicans lost 4-1 against
the Warriors in round two, in 2014-15 the Pelicans lost in a sweep against the Warriors in the
first round. We can chalk both appearances as a failure.
Now the kicker is Anthony Davis has reportedly come out and said that any team he gets
traded to other than the Los Angeles Lakers will be a one-year rental. The Lakers, who currently
have Lebron James manning the ship, are an interesting team. It seems that the Lakers are willing
to trade their young pieces in (Lonzo)Ball, (Kyle) Kuzma, (Ivica) Zubac, and first round picks.
All of this makes some sense, I mean a player of Davis’s caliber does not come that often.
The one strange thing is Rich Paul. Rich Paul is the founder of “Klutch Sports Group.”
He represents numerous players such as John Wall, Tristan Thompson, Eric Bledsoe, J.R Smith,
and surprisingly Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis is looking to go to the
Lakers, to team up with Lebron James. I believe there is definitely some tampering afoot, who
else would you trust more than your agent and the best player in the league.

"This is nothing new," Paul told Sam Amick of The Athletic. "Players have always
communicated with each other. Players have always played pick-up in the summer. The
difference is [that] more players today are controlling and doing what they want to do vs. being
told what to do, and that's the difference.”
"Players didn't know or weren't willing to do different things [like that], back in the day. They
weren't willing to say, 'You know what? I want to go over here,' whether it's [because of] rules or
know-how, they weren't willing. They didn't do those things, and now they are. That's the
The interview came last month amid widespread outcry that LeBron James, Paul's client
and friend, had broken the NBA's tampering rules by saying he wants to play with Davis.
LeBron scoffed at the notion, later rattling off a list of top players around the league he'd like as
teammates. It would seemingly be a calculated move to cool the market and make the Lakers'
offer the best, forcing New Orleans' hand into sending Davis to L.A.
The appeal here is obvious. LeBron was never going to sign with the Lakers without
some sort of guarantee another star was coming along at some point. There was hope last
summer it would be Paul George before he re-signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Davis is
a game-changing talent who has never had a teammate like LeBron, and the pair could add
another co-star to the mix this summer in free agency.

In the end, this will be just another example of the Lakers pilfering even more potential
championships from another team and another town. The Lakers are serial tamperers and always
have been. Throughout their storied history, they have never built anything from scratch; they
mostly rip off stars from other teams and claim the championships as their own.

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