The Favourite: Movie Review

Addison Nixon, Royal

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Set in the early 18 th century, The Favourite is a period comedy starring multiple strong
female leads. Olivia Colman, who plays the crazed Queen Anne with two cousins fighting for her
attention, and title of the courts favorite. Existing favourite, Sarah, played by Rachel Weisz acts
as the queens second in command, is very close to the queen, very close, and uses her position
to her own advantage. Sarah’s younger cousin, Abigail, played by Emma Stone, appears at court
looking for a simple job as a maid. However, once taking in Queen Anne’s mental state, Abigail
sees an opportunity. Abigail begins to become closer to her cousin Sarah, with the hopes of
coming closer to the queen. Queen Anne begins to enjoy the attention she is receiving from
both of the young cousins, seeing it as a harmless flirtation. Sarah, however, begins to see
Abigail as a threat, wondering what Abigail’s plan is. With many characters standing witness to
the close relationship of Queen Anne and Sarah, they are simply concerned with the
manipulation taking place. Amazing performances by Nicholas Hoult and Mark Gatiss who are
on opposite sides of Sarah’s manipulation. Hoult’s character trying to under mind’s Sarah’s
manipulation, while Gatiss’ character aids it. An interesting display of time-period court life
mixed with comedy shows the abuse of power and the scheming that goes on. What is most
compelling about this movie is the aesthetic shots used to display the story. The movie is
broken up into multiple parts, taking you along to what seems like the steps taken by Sarah and
Abigail in their pursuit of power. Amazing costumes, and sets, along with the simplicity of the
scenes all aid in creating a very interesting movie experience. The Favourite has been
nominated for multiple nominations consisting of Costume Design by Sandy Powell,
Cinematography by Robbie Ryan, along with Production and Design, and Original Screenplay.
Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz have both received nominations for supporting actress, while
Olivia Coleman has received a leading actress nomination. The Favourite has been nominated
for its Editing, Direction, and overall Best Picture. Olivia Coleman has already won a golden
globe for her performance in The Favourite. Whether it’s for simply enjoying the scenes
between these amazing actresses, or the scandalous behind the scenes relationships between
these characters. With an eerie ending The Favourite leaves you questioning what the whole
meant, but it is definitely worth the watch.